Camiel featuring Magda Mendes – Finisterra

Once I arrive there
We´ll go south, our place
Which is always there
Which never ends
The earth finishes
The sea begins
This is enough for us

Magda Mendes: Vocals
Marcus Olgers: Piano
Astrid Haring: Harp
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra



From the Olive fields of
Antonio Mendes
Peralva, Portugal
August 14 2016


Tojo moleirinho
Meia lua

From the album:
Casa da bôxa


Casa da Bôxa

Portuguese singer-songwriter Magda Mendes lives abroad since 2002.

In search of roots, rest and inspiration, she decided to go back to her mother’s village – Bairrada (Portugal). Magda didn’t go alone: she gathered an international group of musicians and filmmakers and flew to Portugal. For two weeks they lived amongst the villagers, listening to their stories, singing with them, learning about almost lost traditions. The old primary school, shut down the year before due to lack of children, was the chosen place to rehearse and record the new material. During the two week art residency the album and the documentary “Casa da Bôxa” were born.

” The beautiful old school was a perfect place to work: fertile ground for creativity, calling me with the eco´s of children´s laughter “ 
Magda Mendes