Stories about how Magda´s father seems to have the same roots as the ancient olive trees from his native region. About how the inhabitants and the trees of this region were left behind without a voice and about how Magda’s roots have been pulling her since she left her birthplace.

Camiel ft. Magda Mendes – Finisterra

Once I arrive there
We´ll go south, our place
Which is always there
Which never ends
The earth finishes
The sea begins
This is enough for us

Magda Mendes: Vocals
Marcus Olgers: Piano
Astrid Haring: Harp
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra



From the Olive fields of
Antonio Mendes
Peralva, Portugal
August 14 2016


Tojo moleirinho
Meia lua

From the album:
Casa da bôxa


Portuguese virgin olive oil

Process of harvest, cold pressing and tasting of virgin olive oil.
From the fields of António Mendes near Tomar, Portugal.

Teaser documentary Casa da Bôxa

My village is not a real village… We don’t have a bell tower nor a bandstand nor a Main Street. One of these days you should visit my village so you´d see a village that is no village.

Casa da Bôxa

” The beautiful old school was a perfect place to work: fertile ground for creativity, calling me with the eco´s of children´s laughter “
Magda Mendes