Magda Mendes


A Portuguese Soundtrack of Untold Stories

Portuguese singer/songwriter Magda Mendes is the winner of the Gouden Notekraker 2018, the Dutch Music Industry prize from SENA for professional musicians.

With this prize musicians honour each other for the most inspiring artistic performances of the past season. 

The nomination followed the release of Mendes´s new CD Oliveiras, presented to the Dutch audience in a serie of concerts in November 2017.
Mendes and her ensemble have been touring presenting Oliveiras in theaters in The Netherlands, see the new tour dates for 2020.

theaterTOUR 2019/2020



Photo by Marie-Jose Eldering

VPRO Vrije Geluiden


Photo by Eelkje Colmjon

Magda Mendes, born and raised in Lisbon, has been living in the Netherlands for more than a decade. Since 2006 she has been touring with band Luzazul and has released three albums under her how name. In the last couple of years she toured with her program ‘Silêncio! The Fado wanders through…’ through all the corners of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht, reaching a large audience in The Netherlands.



Promovideo Tour Oliveiras 2019



Magda Mendes – voice
Ward Veenstra – guitar
Udo Demandt – percussion
Remko de Landmeter – flute
Bart de Kater – clarinet
Maripepa Contreras Gámez – oboe
Daniel Garrido Iglesias – bassoon
Brandt Attema – bass trombone
Astrid Haring – harp


Music by Magda Mendes & Ward Veenstra
Orchestrations by Ward Veenstra


“Manda água, João” (CD Oliveiras ©Casa da Bôxa, 2017)

 Tomar, Portugal